SjBoy Emulator Features

SjBoy is an emulator software that works on PC to run java application that is used to play in cell phone or mobile gadget. SjBoy is the most popular software among other emulator. I use SjBoy to run Mig33 java chatting application on my PC. It's fast and lite. I have no problem at all. Just install & run jar files directly. One of my favorite SjBoy features is its ability to capture the screen and its ability to change the resolution to suits with your need. Below are SjBoy emulator features:

1. Simulate java application fast. 2. It has several phones dislay. Currently SjBoy display : Nokia40 V1, Nokia 60,Moto V3, SEbuilt-in skins. 3. Capture screen and save it in .bmp format 4. Rich API. Some API that is supported by SjBoy are: * MIDP 1.0 fully supports * NOKIA UI fully supports * MOTO API Some support * JSR Some 184 support - Support sound formats including: WAV [PCM], MIDI, OTT - Supported image formats include: PNG, JPEG, GIF